Alternative Treatments for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the second-leading cause of death by cancer among women. Most women realize the importance of knowing about this type of cancer, finding out early if they have it, or if they are at risk of contracting it in the future. Knowing all the available options when it comes to treatment is also key since finding the right treatment will help immensely in fighting breast cancer effectively.

Because the earlier breast cancer is detected, the sooner and more effective the treatment is going to be, the first step is prevention and pre-screening. A monthly self-breast exam is the easiest way to screen for breast cancer. This can be done at home after getting the proper instructions from your doctor. In this type of self-examination, particular attention is given to any changes in the breast: color or size changes, the appearance of lumps or bumps, and pain or tenderness in particular areas. Once any of these problems is found, you should immediately notify your physician or gynecologist. They can then order more tests to confirm if it is indeed cancer.

A mammogram, typically recommended for all adult women, is another way to check for breast cancer. The age when you begin getting mammograms will depend on your risk factors for contracting breast cancer. The procedure will also aid in the detection of any changes in the breast, such as the formation of tumors or cysts.

There is the possibility that the tests described above could result in a positive diagnosis for breast cancer. If Dr Vikas Goswami this scenario should ever occur, the important thing is to NOT lose hope. Unlike in the past, a variety of treatment options are now available. The first ones that will be offered will most probably be the traditional treatments. These include chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy, and mastectomies. These, however, do come with risks, are invasive, and often have serious side effects.

It is important to realize that there are now options beyond these traditional cancer treatments. A number of holistic approaches are available. There are now even clinics that cater to individuals seeking alternative treatment methods for breast cancer. Should you decide to pursue this option, the first thing that needs to be done is to find a medical practitioner who will support you. The guidance of a licensed physician to oversee your care remains a must. Finding someone who is willing to try other treatment modalities will make the process both easier and safer for you.

Nutrition is increasingly being recognized as one way of helping treat breast cancer and its symptoms. These include certain food types, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Haelan is a type of liquid soy bean extract that has been shown to help block cancer-cell blood supplies, boost the immune system, and help reduce the size of tumors. Another is flax seed oil, which has been credited with slowing cancer-cell growth and improving the condition of the immune system. Also, the removal of certain things from a person’s diet has been shown to help. For example, studies have shown that a diet that is low in sugar can help in preventing cancer or in stopping cancer growth. Moving to a low-sugar diet may also aid in “starving” cancer.

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