Preaching Tips – Masking The Sermon In Prayer

In the spiritual world, the devil understands that you are creating a sermon that will be spoken to God’s people. His job is to put in as many lies, hypocrisy and negative points as possible. Praying for your sermon will both ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in picking the things God want you to say, and it also will protect the outline from being polluted by the enemy.

Start With Prayer… End With Prayer

Masking your message in prayer is the best thing to ever happen to your message. This doesn’t only mean that you pray before you speak; this is something more. Before you begin collecting verses and creating your raw outline, mask the message to be created with prayer. Pregacao evangelica By doing so, you are submitting the authority for the Holy Spirit to move through the message, supply you with an inspired content, and help you deliver it Biblically with the authority given to you by God. You have to understand that praying for your sermon is really important because of the points given below.

A Struggle Against Focus

One of the most common things that you will experience when you prepare a sermon is the difficulty of being able to focus on God’s direction. Sadly, some pastors have lived their lives being constantly defeated in this because either their environment disables them to commune properly with God and/or people around them continue to be distractions for them. The devil usually wins in this because most preachers are not aware that the devil is at work.

A Struggle Against Deceit

There is not an event happier for the devil than to be in a place of deceived believers. That was his primary weapon used against Eve in the Garden of Eden and that is the weapon he is going to use to everyone including preachers and leaders. When it comes to preparing a sermon, you have to be very careful because the devil will gladly deceive you into thinking that these certain “inspired” sermon points are God-given.

A Struggle Against Greed

Corruption starts in the leader. Always hold reverence to God’s word and consider it holy. The devil always tries to creep in corruption by giving the preacher self-serving thoughts or he tries to twist the scriptures for the preacher’s gain which will motivate his greediness. First symptoms of this would be successive sermons focusing on giving to the church more, serving the church more THROUGH giving, challenging the church to be more dedicated to God BY giving more and many other related intents. I’m not saying these are unbiblical topics; I’m saying that there may be something wrong when these messages are successively and excessively being preached.

A Struggle Against Idolatry

Idolatry can be defined as creating a God in your image which is one of the things that you must not do according to the Ten Commandments. When it comes to your sermons, the devil will try to let you depict the wrong images about God as an effort to disturb proper theology. Always be careful on maintaining proper theology when it comes to describing God.

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