Understanding Computer Components

If you are in the baby boomer generation you may not have a good understanding of all the computer components that are included within your PC. You may consider your personal computer very much like your television and all the various components that go along with it such as your DVD Player and surround sound system. In a way that is true but there are many additional components included within your personal computer.

Understanding what these various computer components are and what they do can help you in making your next purchasing decision, which in turn can save you money. Of course you can ask the sales person for assistance when purchasing your first or next computer, but if you do not understand the basics all the technical aspects of the computer will sound completely foreign to you and could lead you into buying more than what you really need. visit: https://micropartsmi.com

The first best step in preparing for your computer purchase is to create a list of what you think you will be doing with your computer. If you want to exchange emails with friends and family, then put that on your list. If you want to make a photo album with all your family pictures then that is additional information that is important when selecting a computer. Different activities on the computer call for different computer components. Some of these components can be hardware and some can be software.

The basic computer components consist of a motherboard, memory, processor, hard disk space housed within a computer case. It will also come with a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Most come with a standard operating system and some basic software applications. If you will be using your computer for email, family photos and perhaps exploring the internet, then a basic configuration could be all you need but before you make your purchase do some research to understand what you are really getting so you do not spend more than what is necessary.

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